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Team building & Energizers

You have the option at Ny Kirstineberg Manor to combine your meeting or your conference with one or more energizing, different and entertaining activities that we offer in cooperation with  Funky Business.

We have put together a series of engaging and entertaining do-it-yourself team-building challenges. They are easy to engage in, easy to facilitate, can be performed with or without the competitive element, and they give your participants an entertaining and energizing break.

We have put together 4 different categories that you can freely choose from.

The four categories are:
Mental exercises · Creative exercises · Physical exercises · Dialogue exercises

It is also possible to combine exercises from the various categories. The exercises are hired out on a daily basis, and are a great break in connection with a meeting or a conference.

We can tailor and run a team building programme for you and your participants. In a team building programme, we simulate daily challenges in unfamiliar surroundings, so that together you can find new ways and new solutions that you can use when you return to everyday life. A team building exercise can take one hour or several days, depending on your preferences, requirements and budget.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the development and execution of team-building exercises and energizers, you are in safe hands.


For further information, contact Maria Hvid on telephone +45 70279279
or e-mail


For more information +45 70 279 279

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