Ny Kirstineberg ApS
Ny Kirstinebergvej 7-9
DK-4800 Nykøbing Falster

+45 70 279 279

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Experience alternative delicious refreshments for meetings

The catering for meetings at Ny Kirstineberg Manor has been developed and is provided by La Comida/Vinkælderen in Nykøbing Falster. The basis for our cooperation regarding the catering for meetings is that it should be:
Local • Organic • Authentic • Reliable

Our ambition is to provide a touch of something historic, elegant and atmospheric. Our guests should also be able to explore the dishes, because we believe this gives the best results from meetings and conferences.
We offer catering services in three different categories: sandwiches, home cooking and buffet, and we alter the selection every quarter.


Open sandwiches

There is nothing as nice as an open sandwich. We’ve added a local touch, and you can choose for yourself.
Sandwiches are served in a buffet. We recommend 3 pieces per person.

– Smile you are on –
White marinated herring with soft-boiled egg and curry-apple salad

– Under the surface –
North Atlantic prawns with dill mayonnaise, crisp and fresh seaweed

– High-water light –
Battered plaice fillet with pickle cream and pickled cucumbers

– Fresh breeze over Guldborg –
Smoked cod roe with celeriac remoulade and watercress

– Pearl of the Baltic –
Smoked salmon with horseradish cream and flowers capers

– Break a leg –
Baked lumpfish with its own roe, red onion, sour cream and dill

– The woman with … –
Eggs from Orupgård with mayonnaise, veal bacon, watercress and bitter salads

– A section of Lolland –
Roast beef from local Limousine cattle with pickles and horseradish

– Peasant’s dream –
Pork terrine with pickled beetroot and mustard cream

– The hunter’s high shot –
Meatloaf with fresh cabbage, nuts and mayonnaise

– A piece for D.G. Monrad –
Coarse pâté with gravy jelly, corned beef, bacon and fresh onion

– Tesdorpf’s favourite –
Whipped beef tatar with wholegrain mustard, cornichons and cognac and bitter salads

– Poultry thief’s harvest –
Chicken salad of leg meat with pickled mushrooms and apples


Home cooking
We offer 3 variants per quarter:
Radius of pork in mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes, salt-baked celery in herbs and pickled onion with fresh cabbage salad
Meat loaf with dried mushrooms, cream sauce, cranberries and baked root vegetables
Loin of veal with creamed potatoes, baked beetroot in tarragon and beet root-apple-nut salad



Hot-smoked Baltic salmon with crisp salads, fennel crudité and sour cream
Pointed cabbage salad with mild garlic cream, shrimps and chervil
Creamed celery with Nigella seeds
Potato terrine with lemon thyme
Baked root vegetables in rapeseed oil
Crisp crudité with kamut kernels and pickled vegetables
Mushroom-stuffed chicken breast
Roast beef – fried as game


For more information +45 70 279 279

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