Ny Kirstineberg B&B Events ApS
Ny Kirstinebergvej 7-9
DK-4800 Nykøbing Falster

+45 70 279 279

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Included in the meeting package
Venue hire
Chairs, round or square tables with white tablecloths
Catering and tableware
Internet – free WiFi


The opportunity to hire modern AV, lighting and sound facilities.
We offer e.g.:

Projector and screen

Price 1 day DKK 750
½ day DKK 450

Audio system for microphone or audio from a PC

1 day DKK 400
½ day DKK 250

Pens and paper

Block, DKK 15 per person
Pens, DKK 7 per person


For more information +45 70 279 279

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